An RV-sites is a dedicated place for camping, made mainly for mobile homes. You pay for using an RV-site (otherwise it is a freecamping site, the way we see it), but can otherwise vary in terms of standard. Usually, an RV-site is an place where you stay overnight, where we stay one night and then move on, but here, as usual, there are no rule without exceptions.

We have visited RV-sites whose standard has varied from resembling a campsite (the RV-site in Ullared is a perfect example) to just being a reasonably flat patch of gravel located centrally in a city. When we choose a RV-site, the demands are of course not as high as if we choose a ordinary camping site, but there are clearly things that raise or lower our rating.

Examples of things that enhance our rating of an RV-site:

  • Clean and tidy
  • Access to toilet
  • Access to water/filling of water in the RV
  • Access to electricity
  • Quiet surroundings
  • Ability to wash dishes
  • Beautiful location
  • Play and/or bathing opportunities for the children

Examples of things that lower our rating on a RV-site:

  • Difficult/complicated to pay
  • Untidy service facilities – if the rack owner does not manage to keep the facilities clean, it is actually better that they are not available at all
  • Overcharges – what is an overcharge is of course determined according to how many of the above plus factors are met, versus what is charged per night.
  • Tight/difficult to park

The great advantage of choosing a RV-site for the night is that they are firstly quite easy to find (which is usually not the case with good freecamping sites). It is usually also quite cheap, and remarkably often you can find sites very close to the city center you are visiting. It is also noticeable that some cities(Askersund and Söderköping are good examples) have really taken the importance of centrally located RV-sites. These municipalities have set RV-sites up themselves, and that must, of course, be very positive for tourism. Du hittar alla ställplatser vi recencerat nedan, alternativt via vår karta.


Södra Hamnen, Motala

Motala New Years Eve


Älgberget B&B, Ucklum

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