Strandstuvikens Camping, Nyköping

Strandstuviken Camping

At Strandstuvikens Camping we stayed during one of our small adventures in Östergötland, more precisely when we searched Favorite Places along “Utflyktsvägen”. Finding the campsite is quite simple really, as there are signs whatever direction you come from. However, the road to the campsite itself is quite small, sometimes gravel-paved, and there is a bit of a feeling that we are on our way to the end of the world before we arrived. When where almost at the campsite, the road divides into two, where one road leads to Strandstuviken, and the other to Örstig Camping which is run by Caravan Club. This time we went for Strandstuviken, for no particular reason at all.

Judge by our own surprise when we come all the way to the gates and Martin exclaims “But… I’ve been before!”. It then turns out that it is the same camping that Martin camped at when he competed in the final of the Swedish Championship in Pike Fishing a few years ago (yes, there is such a competition). Weird that he did not recognize either the name of the campsite or the road to it until we were right up at the gates.

How did it go in the competition? The results were terrible, but we’ll take that story another time.


The arrival at the campsite begins very well, as we are greeted by a very nice and welcoming woman at the reception. I ask when the last check-out is tomorrow, as we intend to take a quiet morning when nothing special was planned. I get the answer that actually it’s at 15, but it’s Sunday tomorrow so take all the time you want. More can hardly be asked for in matters of customer service, really neat!

The campsite has a super nice location right next to the sea. We never tried to swim, but we can imagine that the small bay quite quickly gets warm during the summer, as it is sheltered from the large sea. There is also a small playground and a children’s obstacle course to enjoy, which Noomie was really glad for. The campsite is very family friendly overall, which is also noticeable when there were a lot of friends for her to play with. Lowe, who found the sandbox, was more than happy with the stay as well.

Service at Strandstuviken

The service buildings are generally clean, and cleaning routines seem to work well. Some of them, however, feel a bit worn, and would be in need of some maintenance. We do dishes at fixed sinks outdoors under a roof, which we think is cozy. However, we ask ourselves a the question if the number of washing places is really enough when there are more people at the campsite. There was no problem for us, as we were there early in the season with quite a low rate of occupancy. But we can imagine that it will be difficult to wash dishes just after lunch in high season.

As a family with children, we appreciate the play opportunities for the children, and there is also a small mini market easily accessible at the campsite that is perfect when you forget to buy salt, or the children are in dire ice cream-need. The price of 330 SEK per night inc. electricity is perhaps a bit at the top, but still okay. During midsummer week, however, they take 380 SEK per night, which is to much compared to what is offered in our opinion.

We can certainly think of returning to Strandstuviken, as they offer a family-friendly camping site at a reasonable price. The proximity to Nyköping, Oxelösund, Kolmården and Utflyktsvägen means that there is a lot in the area worth exploring. Strandstuviken camping is a very good starting point.