Södra Hamnen, Motala

We visited Södra Hamnen in Motala as part of our RV-New Year celebration that you can read about here . The location of this site is absolutely fantastic, with a magical view of Sweden’s most beautiful lake and the city of Motala. Sitting inside the warm camper while the New Year’s fireworks colored the sky over the lake can not be described as anything other than completely magical.

The pitch as such is quite simply arranged, with places laid out with gravel to reduce the risk of mudslides. It rained a lot when we were there, and that it did so several weeks before, which made some parts still muddy. However, not at a level so that it actually posed a problem, as long as you just watched out where you put your feet. All places have access to electricity, which is included in the price of SEK 250 per night.

Service at Södra Hamnen in Motala

The RV-site also has a service house with free access to toilet, shower, drinking water and latrine emptying. Even though it was a total low season when we were there, everything was clean and tidy at a level better than most campinggrounds. You pay easily with swish according to information on a board at the service house. When you pay, you receive an SMS with a code so that you have access to the service house. If we are to find something that can be improved, then it would be a place to be able to do the dishes as well, that would really be the frosting on the cake.

You can get to the city of Motala in just a couple of minutes by walking or cycling. Within a kilometer we found two playgrounds, a grocery store and restaurants. One must understand that such a good location, close to everything, is definitely worth paying for.

Overall, one of the absolute best RV-sites we have been to so far. Great service, reasonable price and a great location. We will return here, and we can highly recommend this. If you want, you can also pre-book a place http://sodrastrand.com/ , which can be recommended at least in the summer when we imagine that a place like this must be full.