Grums Fishingcamp, Sävsjön

Grums Fishingcamp Sävsjön

If affordability started a camping site, it would probably be called Grums Fishingcamp in Sävsjön. However, if you have very high demands on the standard of service buildings, you should probably look elsewhere.

When we arrived at the campsite we were met by staff who were very accommodating, showed us in and said we could take our time to find a place that suits us. Payment and check-in were to be handled later on. This welcoming and friendly attitude was there throughout our stay, whether it was about renting fishing/boating equipment, questions about the surroundings or whatever came to mind. A very laid back but as I said welcoming attitude, which meant that we immediately fell into the calm and quiet atmosphere that is present at the campsite.

The campsite is located, as the name suggests, at Sävsjön, and the surroundings are beautiful. Of course, you should take the chance to go fishing a bit when you end up at a fishing campsite. Both fishing equipment and an electric boat are available for rent at a cheap price. Fishing equipment was in itself hardly a problem for us, since Martin filled half the garage on the RV with his own.

The only negative thing we can say is well actually the standards in toilets and service buildings. They are not really bad, but what we can expect from a campsite at this price point. As far as we noticed they were always clean and looked after. However, they consisted of barrack-like buildings that may not be super inviting. Shower and other things worked just fine.


If you are passing Grums, we strongly recommend a stop at Grums fishing camp. There’s really room to stop, catch your breath and just be yourself for a moment. Above all, we appreciate the inviting attitude in the entire campsite. Nothing really seems to be a problem for the warm and inviting staff. If we’re around, we’ll definitely come back.