Evedals Camping, Växjö

Evedals Camping

On Evedals Camping we ended up in the middle of winter during one of ournew year trips . We have of course taken this into account in our assessment, as all facilities and activities were of course not open when we were there.

Arrival at the campsite starts nicely, as we are met by a reception that is open and staffed despite the time of year. Inside the small shop we are met by two gentlemen, both equally happy and positive. A very good welcome that made us feel welcome right from the start, good job guys! We imagine that the job as a camping host can be quite slow during the winter, but then it is important to be attentive when the guests arrive. The staff at Evedals Camping succeeded very well with this. Check-in is smooth, and we can basically choose any place we want at the campsite. We were not completely alone, but there were not many RV´s or caranvans besides ours.

Perfect beach Evedals Camping

The pitches themselves are very well in order. The pitch where you park the car is paved, and the rest of the pitch is grass. Despite a week with very much rain and snow-mixed rain, the pitch was in good condition and without a lot of mud. Electricity was also available in most places. There was also plenty of room for Shaggy to run in his rope around the RV, so the pitches felt good and big enough. The experience of this may of course have been reinforced by the fact that the occupancy was not so high.

Service at Evedals Camping

The service houses are generally very fresh, albeit partly of the simpler kind. The showers and toilets are of the “booth” type, but fulfill their purpose well. To shower, you need a special shower card, which we skipped as we would only stay one night. However, despite the winter, everything feels very well taken care of. The fact that there are several family rooms with shower and toilet raises the rating from us as a family with children, as it makes camping life a lot easier.

As for activities, many different things are offered at Evedals Camping. How about football snooker, mini golf, a boat trip or a visit to a relaxation area? Next time, I definitely think we’ll take a babysitter with us, so we can park for a while in the relaxation area. No matter how much to get active with, which makes us look forward to visiting the campsite again during the summer. In addition, a super nice beach where we imagine that you can spend many lazy days in the sun.

Should we make a request, the campsite should develop its playgrounds a little. Today there are swings and a few toys, but the kids do not stay there for very long. Rather invest in a large playground with cool stuff to play with, than several small ones. Linnea also did not think that the latrine emptying room felt so fresh (luckily you do not spend a lot of time there;)). However, a big plus because there is a CamperClean machine.

In terms of price, a place is SEK 240-310 without electricity and SEK 280-350 with electricity depending on the season. Considering how much is actually offered at the campsite, how fresh and tidy it feels, and the super nice treatment, this feels completely reasonable.

If we go down to Småland again, it is definitely worth a stop at this nice family campsite. A rich range of activities, fresh and tidy facilities and above all the warm welcome is what makes us get a very good impression of this campsite.

Playground Evedals Camping