Aspens Camping, Lerum

Aspens Camping, Lerum

Our very first review will unfortunatly not be a very positive one. As for Aspens Camping in Lerum, we really only have two words to say: Stay Away!

But of course we will develop our statement. Generally, we got an all ok impression when googleing the campsite. Nothing really impressive, but neither anything that differ very much from how a camping sites web page usually looks like (concerning the development of the homepage of Swedish campsites, someone has the opportunity to make quite a buck). We arrived at the campsite relatively late, and we thus had no desire to go anywhere else. However, we had to stay, and came out with a completely different, significantly worse impression.

At the reception we were met by 2 young people who did the job, but certainly not anything else than what they absolutely had to. Hey, i get it, it’s a summer job and not your great passion in life. But you can make the most of it anyway). This would later seem to be kind of the main theme of this campsite, but we’ll get to that. However, we were assigned to a pitch for 310SEK per night, a pretty ordinary price range.

When we got into the campsite, the pitch and the electricity worked well without causing us any trouble, The playground (which was the main reason we chosed to go there in the first place) was really torn down and damaged. The little lake that presents itseltf right beside the campsite, was almost not to be seen due to all the small trees and bushes no one seemed to care about.


Everything in terms of service buildings is completely run down. For example, the washing machine fills the entire floor with water. There is also a laundry schedule… not in use. Instead, there is complete laundry anarchy, and the angriest washer gets to go first.

The showers are small, barrack-like things where you (even though you pay extra for the shower time) get to stand and feed on a button for some water. The timer on this is far too short set. This means that you (even though it is actually a little thing) have time to go crazy before the shower adventure is over.

You get water for doing dishes at best lukewarm…. a good day, and if the sun shines directly down into the sink.

And for real: What’s the deal with wallpapering your entire campsite with angry notes for your guests? Of course you can get frustrated with things, but it is possible to keep at least a good tone even on a grant. Really creates anything but a nice and welcoming atmosphere.

Have you ever visited a place where it feels like someone has given up hope? If not, and you feel that you miss that experience, only then can we recommend a visit to Aspens Camping. Simply put, any place to stay is recommended before this.