Älgbergets B&B

The Älgberget B&B (or “Moose Mountain” in Swedish) is undoubtedly an oasis. The inner peace that presents itself when you park the RV on the small farm is hard to beat. We arrived at the RV-site quite late at night, so the first evening it was mostly just to cook ourselves some dinner and get some sleep. The cool thing was that we found this place in the best RV-way, in other words a “Oh, there’s a sign for an RV-site, let’s go there.” Just as spontaneous as it should be. But to get to wake up with the view of the cute horses grazing in the pasture next door was clearly super cozy. The set location gives a “rural setting” a face, and as the name suggests, there is also a Bed & Breakfast.

The next day we took a walk down to the small lake (to Shaggy’s great delight) mostly to just have a reason to take a walk. If it was idyllic before, it was nothing compared to the hidden little bathing area that the path finally, after a rather hefty walk, led to. Had it not been because the rain presented itself, we would probably have stayed down by the lake the whole day. The surroundings are clearly the absolute best thing about Älgberget B&B.

The price was also quite ok, 200SEK per night for the pitch, 40SEK extra for electricity. The price includes shower and water. We also chose to have a breakfast at the hostel, but it did not feel as affordable. It cost between 50-70SEK per person, and was quite okay, but no so special that we would not have been able to fix it ourselves in the RV. Although, the possibility to have a chat with Maria, the owner of the B&B, made it well worth the money. Just during the rather short breakfast we shared many laughs and talked about everything from camping life to entrepreneurship and child upbringing. If we pass by, we will definitely take a trip past Älgberget again! More about how we got there from the beginning can be found here.