Recommendations on campsites

Below we collect all the recommendations and reviews we have made regarding the campsites we tested while on the road with The Pearl. Our definition of a campsite is a facility designed for the purpose of making room for motorhomes, caravans and tents. A campsite can keep different levels of standard, but for us to call it a campsite there should at least be:

  • A place for washing dishes
  • Toilets
  • Possibility to drain grey water
  • Possibility to empty latrine
  • Possibility to shower
  • Designated pitches for caravan/tent

This is requirements for us to categorize something as a campsite at all, and not as an RV-site. In addition to this, the variations in standard, service and price can be enormous. From actual resorts, more reminiscent of all-inclusive hotels abroad (with the difference beeing guests sleeping in their own RV or caravan) to simpler establishments that perhaps more resemble a permanent scout camp (but with vehicles instead of tents).

Our judging scale ranges from 0-100, and is so far a sliding scale from the perspective of how well our expectations matched what the campsite actually delivered. This means that these are indeed subjective judgments, and not facts. We just reflect our family’s experience of the stay, and then we decide if we want to recommend others to visit the place or not. In our assessment, we take into account things like:

  • Condition of the establishment (service building, etc.)
  • Price (Higher price=higher expectation)
  • Proximity to excursions
  • Personal service
  • Play facilities for children
  • Bathing facilities
  • Standards on pitches
    and more

You can find all the campsites we reviewed below, or via our map.


Evedals Camping, Växjö

Perfect beach Evedals Camping


Strandstuviken Camping, Nyköping



Aspens Camping, Lerum


Grums Fish n´Camp, Sävsjön

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