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We go north again

After spending another night at Linneás sister's house, we decided it was time to move on. My God, two nights in the same place is almost some kind of record;). Jokes aside, we chose to head north again, more specifically towards Växjö. We decided to go camping,...

It’s getting better – Towards new brighter times

No, we have not stopped camping. No, we have not stopped blogging or shut down the blog either. 2020 has been a very strange year for us, as for most, and we believe that 2021 promises brighter times. Fortunately, we have managed to stay healthy, but the job situation...

We will see Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe and the World - one stop at a time.

To us, traveling by RV has become one big adventure, and something that makes us feel complete, alive and free. The feeling of being totally independent is amazing, To be able to go, or make a stop wherever we want, with or without a plan, is a wonderful break from all the musts of any ordinary day. An escape from calendars, meetings and must-go activities. To be able to spend time together as a family in this way, is really something we consider a luxury. In our family, this type of time together do not present itself very often, which makes it even better when it does. The road to buying our first RV however, was anything but straight, which is a story that we will be glad to share with you.

Our latest adventures

Below, we highlight some of the travels we have made in a recent past, some traveling advice and some of our own thoughts about camping and RV-life Until now, our journeys have taken us around a great part of Sweden. Sweden is a fantastic country to spend a vacation in, and there are many places yet to be discovered. However we still dream about getting on the road and see Europe through the windows of “The Pearl” (which is the name of our RV). We hope more of this will present itself in the following year. Until then, enjoy our stories about traveling “the land of a thousand lakes”, as much as we did creating them. A classic “Swe-cation” was to be expected for most swedes during the summer of 2020. Hopefully you will find som inspiration on what to do here when you visit our beautiful country, and we hope that we can contribute in creating your next adventure. Please enjoy!

Mackerel, Murder and Majestic views:


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