We go north again

We go north again

After spending another night at Linneás sister’s house, we decided it was time to move on. My God, two nights in the same place is almost some kind of record;). Jokes aside, we chose to head north again, more specifically towards Växjö. We decided to go camping, mostly so that the kids could play a little, and therefore landed on Evedals Camping .

Living on a campsite in the middle of winter is also a bit special, which you have to reckon with when you choose to drive an RV all year round as we do. Many campsites are not open at all, and those who do have to adjust their expectations for service according to the season. We had a great stay at Evedals, and will be back during the summer to test the summer offer.

Evedals Camping Minigolf

Unfortunately, the playground at the campsite was not quite what we had hoped for. The day that came also offered generously with minus degrees, whereupon standing and freezing in a playground did not feel super attractive. We therefore decided to take a chance and go for it Leos Lekland in Växjö. Very many playgrounds have been closed for spontaneous visits due to the pandemic. However, Leos has solved it well by only selling a certain number of tickets, and then only in advance. For us adults no problem at all to keep our distance, and two kids with happiness just bubbleing out of their bodies. Also much appriciated to run around a bit after spending hours seated in the RV.

The playland in Växjö felt well taken care of and well maintained. Maybe you think that Leos at this point could have updated their concepts a bit by now, as it feels like they have looked more or less the same since they opened. On the other hand, the kids do not care at all about it, and still have just as much fun. So why change a winning concept.

Slip´n slide Leos Lekland

When we moved on, we actually made the trip to Värnamo for the simple reason that we wanted to visit Boligheter in Värnamo . This super nice interior design store has been opened by one of our closest friends Jenny, but when we moved to Linköping we have not had the opportunity to actually check it out. We are hardly objective in the matter but: WOW! Now we are not interior design photographers any of us, so the pictures do not do the store justice. But if you have the roads past, make sure to visit Jenny, and feel free to follow Boligheter i Värnamo Instagram . The commitment she has to what she does is clearly difficult to match!

Boligheter Värnamo
Toys Boligheter Värnamo
Interior Boligheter Värnamo

Today we parked next to my mother’s summer cottage. Now we will meet her for a couple of days, work a little, eat some good food and relax. Her cottage is so far out in the country that if you go out at night it is so quiet that you almost get a headache. In other words, it’s hard not to relax.

Then we think that the journey continues to Örebro, but we will see.

It’s getting better – Towards new brighter times

No, we have not stopped camping. No, we have not stopped blogging or shut down the blog either. 2020 has been a very strange year for us, as for most, and we believe that 2021 promises brighter times. Fortunately, we have managed to stay healthy, but the job situation has been very demanding, especially during the autumn. This has meant that we have not been able to travel with Pärlan as we wanted, and thus there has not been much to write about that belongs here on the blog.

But friends, it’s getting better! In fact, everything will be, in due course. We now managed to get time off during New Year, and therefore decided to run the now traditional New Year celebration in the motorhome (because surely it is a tradition if you do it two years in a row?;)). The important thing now was to actually make sure to get going as soon as possible. The first night was therefore spent in the forests outside Borensberg with a little freecamping. An unusually flat piece of land in the middle of the forest was allowed to act as an overnight place. Simple, smooth and really cozy.

RV-site in motala

For the actual New Year’s celebration, we headed towards the RV-site in the southern harbor in Motala. A RV-site with a very beautiful location right besides Lake Vättern, as well as a neat service house with toilet. The location right on the lake was perfect for enjoying the fireworks, which Noomie and Lowe thought was super cool. The evening was otherwise spent in front of Bingolotto (a Swedish TV-show) as we had been lucky to win new tickets during the “Uppesittarkvällen” this Christmas. (Playing “Bingolotto” the night before christmas eve is quite a well spread tradition in Sweden). Jokes aside, actually a pretty cozy activity, where everyone could join. In combination with good food and a good bottle of wine, we have a hard time coming up with any better ways to celebrate a new year. And few new years have been as welcome as just 2021!

After takin sleeping in on New Year’s Day, we managed to easily conclude that just about everything is closed on New Year’s Day. We therefore set our sights south towards Linnéas sister who lives outside Karlskrona. However, without any kind of urgency, we stopped in Korsberga where we found a place to free camp down at the beach. This worked really well now during the winter, but we strongly doubt that you can camp here during the summer. This is because the beach as such is very nice. The gravel road down to the beach is also quite narrow, and it was not without effort that we managed to meet a car that came in the opposite direction.

In Torsås, there was also a stop to buy some food and a trip to Systembolaget. Here it was a strong positive surprise, as the range of craft beers was huge. After some conversation with the staff, we managed to figure out that it is apparently due to the fact that Småland has a lot of small breweries, and the demand for craft beer is very high compared to the rest of the Sweden. So well worth a stop for those who like good beer (not all are finished yet, but the ones we have tested so far have all been really good).

rides towards brighter times

Once there, we enjoyed a nice dinner with SouVide-cooked chicken with rice, cream sauce and smoked goat cheese. Some practical hassles with washing, washing dishes and charging electronics has also been done. There are advantages to having relatives and friends scattered across the country, as there is always somewhere to make a pit stop for such practical things. The rest of the evening was then spent on the couch with conversation and laughter.

Linnéa took the children and visited her sister’s horses, and I blog and prepare for further travel to Kalmar. What we are going to do in Kalmar we still have no idea … which is half the charm of the wonderful motorhome life.