Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you want it to. Just in our slightly stormy lives, it is even quite rarely that things become exactly as it was originally planned. Those of you who follow the blog know that ever since last summer we planned for our first long trip with the RV this summer. The target was France, with Disneyland in Paris as the main target, and among other things the occasional bottle of Champagne purchased in Champagne as a detour.

Little could we have imagined then that most of Europe would go into lockdown, borders would be closed, trips abroad discouraged from the Foreign Ministry and so on. When these kinds of conditions change, there are really two options.

Either you crack, become bitter that things did not turn out as it was intended, and the whole thing becomes really heavy to carry.

Or… you rethink. Reschedule. Dream on, if you like. We have therefore decided that the long vacation will have to wait until February instead. Of course, there will be small trips within the country this summer, where depends on how the situation develops. But the long holidays will have to wait.

France in February, however, feels a bit…cold. If we’re going in the winter, we’re going to want sun and heat. We know that many RV entusiasts spend their winters in Spain, and also Portugal seems more interesting after reading about it at boihusbil. Even Croatia, many people talk about it being very nice, but what how is it in wintertime? This could certainly be a fantastic adventure, even if it didn’t turn out the way it was originally intended. Maybe it can become even better?

Clearly we have some research to do before we make any decisions, and of course we have to follow the progress around travel recommendations and so on. But one thing is certain, after this weekend’s little premiere, the longing for the roads and for new adventures is almost unbearable. Now it’s all about finding the adventures in the surrounding area for a while, because they can be found there also!