The planning for the summer has just started here, and we all have such a crazy desire to get out on the road with The Pearl. Sure, there will be several small excursions with the camper van to matriculation, weddings and other things. But what is above all heron is of course our first “big” trip. The trip has a definite goal: RV to Paris, with Disneyland as the main goal. A childhood dream for me that it is simply time to fulfill, and we find it hard to believe that Noomie would disagree. But how do you get by motorhome to Paris?

We expect 2 days at Disneyland and 2 days in Paris. Rumor has it that Disneyland should be expensive, and if you look at their website, it seems correct. But as some kind of “once in a liftime” we still want to try. I usually say that the “Donald Duck and friends” magazines were the ones who in the 90’s taught me how to read, and in every issue they finished the magazine with some kind of advertising for Disneyland in Paris. Even today I can remember the fairytale castle that was always in the pictures, all the competitions I participated in (and never won), and the fantasy world that was created around this amusement park. If we get the opportunity… Then we have to go there.

But what else could you be doing in France?

But then what? There is quite a lot left of the at least 3 weeks long holiday. We have managed to read ourselves to the fact that if you like Champange and bubbly wine (which both I and Linnéa do… like crazy)the town of Epernay in northern France is a given goal. Maybe you can spend a day here. Normandy and Omaha Beach are also in the plans, to see the historic site of landing that marked the beginning of the end of World War II.

Some of the destinations we have in mind so far:

1. Paris
Disneyland is, as I said, the main destination of the trip, and in addition to that we expect another 2 days in Paris with the Louvre, Triumphal Arches, Eiffel Tower and more. It should be no problem to pass a week in this undeniably mythical and special city.

If you like bubbly wine and especially champagne, then you seem to be obliged to visit Epernay. Good thing the new camper has large cargo space and high load weight 😉 The French wine production is unique in the world, and few drinks are as famously luxurious as champagne.

3. Omaha Beach
Of course, we want to see the historic landing site and the beginning of the end of World War II. Europe has a tense, sometimes frightening story where it would be cool to actually see the place that is illustrated in both books and films.

Do you have any other tips on what to see in France? The return route we planned to take via Brussels and then on to Amsterdam. What is there to be discovered? Help us with ideas, we are open to all suggestions and preferably a bit half-odd / wacky stuff 😉

We would also like to tell you about the super Youtube series “Gone Camping” made by

(For those of you wondering, no there is no collaboration between us, we just like the content as it is very good and inspiring clips)

Here we found the inspiration for the visit to Epernay. A super format with small short clips that inspires and triggers the travellust, but still leaves a lot to explore. There are many sections, both about Sweden and Europe, and highly recommended. Fantastic for those of us who plan to travel by motorhome to Paris and the rest of France.

We have also started sketching out a tool to calculate the cost of travelling by camper van to Paris and other trips in Europe. You can also try it. You can find it here.