Happy New 2020!

That this year’s first cup of coffee can be enjoyed in the RV, can’t be nothing but a luxury? Yesterday was devoted to New Year’s celebrations, but I do not think that either adults or children have been as tired as we were this year. Good thing there are board games so that everyone at least stayed up until midnight. We spent New Years eve with some of our best friends down in Värnamo. We don’t see each other very often anymore, since we moved to Linköping.

But every time we meet, it’s like we met yesterday. That may be the very definition of real friendship. It doesn’t matter when, where and how often you see each other, but the crucial thing is that every time you part, you look forward to the next time you’ll meet. They also have a little girl who is a little older than Noomie, and these two have always been inseparable, and playing super well together. A better combo is hard to find.

Events of 2019 – the year we found a new passion

2019 has certainly been an eventful year for this family. In addition to moving to another city, which of course involves many changes in itself, our family has grown larger. Lowe has of course turned most things upside down, just as babies tend to do.

One of us has been trying to take on a still new job. The other has been on parental leave, with all the challenges it provides.

In addition, we have found a new passion in life, in the form of riding an RV. We’ve done three motorhome affairs in a year (you can read about that circus here),and we’ve started this blog. Through it, we have gotten to know several of you readers, received tips about other motorhome bloggers (thinking especially of boihusbil.se and Rolling Family) and above all have had an opportunity to reflect for ourselves on all the cool things we get to be involved in on our travels. Above all, perhaps the greatest realization is that it is rarely the major destinations that make camper life so cool.

On the contrary, it is usually that spontaneous turn away from the main road, to follow that sign you come across along the way, which makes for the greatest and most memorable adventures. In the camper, every adventure is available, and it may well be behind the next bend. With The Pearl there are no limits, she takes us wherever we want.

Happy New 2020!

Plans for a happy new 2020

2020 will be a fantastic year. We have promised each other that we will exercise better, feel better, have more time together and not least ride a lot more in our RV. This year will also be the first time we go on an international tour, as the plan is for summer holidays in France with the camper. We dream of Disneyland in Paris (or rather, it’s been a childhood dream for me, and Noomie is unlikely to protest), but of course we’ll find many more exciting places to visit. Europe is a large continent, and so far relatively unexplored for both me and Linnéa.

Those of you who read, and perhaps have made a similar journey: What is to be explored in France? And what should not be forgotten at home when you hit the roads in Europe? What should be given special attention? Are there any laws and regulations that differ markedly from Sweden that we should keep track of before we leave?

We would like to wish you all a fantastic happy and wonderful new year! And we look forward to sharing an amazing 2020 with you!