It’s apparently Monday night, and I honestly don’t know what day was which when I look through pictures on the phone.. It’s nice and vacationy not really knowing which day is which.

This morning we woke up on a farm, and started the day with breakfast buffet at Älgbergets B&B. Okay there was neither scrambled eggs nor bacon, but it felt luxurious that someone else fixed up the food (and took care of the dishes!!) and the owner, Maria, who we were sitting and talked with for a while, was so nice and easy going. I understand that her B&B has been successfully run for ten years!

If you are looking for peace and quiet, you really want to get out into nature, and if you like it a little more familiar and easy-going camping, we can really recommend this little gem! Last night offered a lovely walk down to a lake, where you could also rent a boat to fish or just enjoy the silence. What views! And which gang, Shaggy and Noomie ran the race on the way home with Martin as a constant commentator. I myself wore Lowe in the shawl of my stomach and tried not to stumble among cones and branches.

After breakfast, dog walk and mandatory “clear away in the camper” it carried off to today’s activity; LOOKING AT RVs! It has apparently become one of Martin’s favorite activities, and I can agree that it is a good passtime on a rainy days like this. Noomie, however, does not understand why we should look at campervans when we already have a camper van. It is probably one of those things that we can remember from childhood itself, the thing about watching things without having to / should buy anything.

It’s boring! However, she struggles on, and she assesses the campers according to how well equipped they are. They get good score because there are “bed in the ceiling”, “secret door” (ie door between toilet o shower that can be closed so the screens of the kitchen area from the bedroom….). Or other cool stuff, like bunk bed, giant garage, or nice fabric on the chairs. Yes, she’s entertained. Usually this is a completely free activity, at least as long as you do not buy anything.

Well, we haven’t bought a new camper, but today we actually found one that we really liked. Too much, to be honest. We’re not going to buy a new motorhome now! And no we will not do either, but we can dream of course XD I guess we will have reason to return to this issue .

Like a little encouragement(read: bribe) to the 4-year-old, and because it had been far too late to cook lunch. Blood sugar needed to be raised in all, quickly, it was MAX hamburgers for lunch. Unfortunately, we stumbeled upon a bad MAX where the burgers felt as if they had been lying too long and the fries felt tasteless.

I do not know exactly where we were so should not hang out any 😛 Noomie got instead of a totally useless plastic old man in ugly colors, a MOOMIN memo that we of course tested right away! Good there MAX, some sensible stuff for the children! Perfect with a thousand bits and pieces even when you go camper.. NOTE XD