After showering, washing dishes and charging powerbanks at Lagunens Camping in Strömstad, we took the short trip to Mekonomen in Strömstad, when the camper started to behave a bit weird. When driving, the red motor light had lit up at certain times when I hit the brakes and the car has gone down in power and become slow and tired. When I hit the gas, the light goes out and the car behaves normally again. Talked to a super nice guy (unfortunately forgot his name) who came out and looked and listened to the car. Luckily, he thought it wasn’t something that needed urgent action, but we’ll deal with it when we get home from vacation.

A sigh of relief, and then we steered the ship towards Fjällbacka. Fjällbacka, which for me is only known for Camilla Läckberg’s collection of fictitious murders, was a very positive surprise, and we got a really nice excursion. For starters, we went into the city itself in the RV. This was a fool’s move, and nothing we recommend. The streets are so narrow and hilly that you just love … when walking. When you drive a camper, it’s… not so nice. But it worked out nicely, and we managed to struggle our way back to the large parking lot located right at the foot of the church on the mountain.


Fjällbacka Church

After this little… adventure in itself… We went down to the harbor. A stunningly beautiful little fishing village appeared, and it was full life with tourists, ice cream parlours, boats and locals. Overall a lovely pulse, with an inherent calm in som strange combination. The first goal was to climb one of the mountains through the super cool “Kungsklyftan” (King’s Gorge).

Kungsklyftan is a rock formation that brings to mind the Hell Gap from Ronja The Robber’s Daughter (Linnéa, however, firmly claims that the ACTUAL hell gap is up in her home region around the High Coast). Some scenes in the film about Ronja are also said to have been shot in Fjällbacka, although unclear which so far.

The hike up through Kungsklyftan was cool in itself, as there are mighty rock formations. To cope with the hike, one should have quite good mobility, even if no monster physics is required. Noomie did it without any problems, and I did it with Lowe in the baby carrier. And you may think it was exciting, if you ask LillRonja. A completely fabulous view was also waiting once we reached the top of the mountain.


View of Fjällbacka
View of Fjällbacka
Kungsklyftan Fjällbacka

After completing the internship as a mountain goat, it was time to replenish the energy supplies. When you’ve climbed mountains, you need fast energy, don’t you?

Therefore, the next stop was “Ackes” down in Fjällbacka harbour, and me and Noomie each sank their megaglass. Noomie took a “Kids Star”, where the very highlight was the associated “Kinderegg”, and I tried an “American Milkshake”. You know the feeling when you eat something that is so good that you get a little teary-eyed …. exactly that feeling! I especially recommend a ball of cocos ice cream and a ball of hazelnut/nougat. Wow! So you come to Fjällbacka, refuse to leave without an Ackes ice cream! (And no, we’re not sponsored, but we like good ice cream ;))


Fjällbacka as a postcard
Ice cream in Fjällbacka

To finish the excursion, we thought we would take a quick peek inside the church up on the hill, which is the first thing you see when driving into Fjällbacka. From the outside, the church is very beautiful, so we thought it is certainly cool on the inside as well.

Of course, we will then be greeted by the obvious “Open every day except Thursday” note on the door, and of course it’s Thursday when we’re there. So it will simply have to be another time.

I think we will almost certainly return to Fjällbacka. It feels like we only had time to discover a fraction of what the small fishing village has to offer. How about the World Cup in mackerel angling, or finding out what Ingrid Bergman held so dear in Fjällbacka? For the next time, I have at least promised myself that I will have to read at least one Läckberg book, mostly for the recognition factor. If I don’t remember wrong, it was part 8 that’s set in the Kungsklyftan… but maybe it’s stupid to start with part 8.

Kungsklyftan Fjällbacka
Kungsklyftan Fjällbacka